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Truven Health 100 Top Hospitals winners have one thing in common: The vision to see beyond immediate results. These are healthcare leaders who, through the unstoppable power of meaningful data, look for and find opportunities to improve long-term efficiency, financial stability, and value to the community.

If you're interested in taking your organization's performance to the next level, Truven Health offers unique custom reports, based on our 100 Top Hospitals studies, that can provide in-depth analyses of your organization's performance. These reports will clarify how your hospital can achieve high performance across quality, safety, efficiency, and patient perception of care.

Choose from the following executive-level performance matrix scorecard, Truven Health reports, and our all-access report offering.

Performance Matrix Scorecard

Our Performance Matrix is an executive-level scorecard, based on 100 Top Hospitals data and analytics, that objectively analyzes your hospital's short-term achievement and long-term rate of improvement compared to similar hospitals across the nation. With the Performance Matrix, you can

  • Assess the effectiveness of past leadership strategies
  • Identify your current location on the journey to performance excellence
  • Determine a direction for future strategic improvement
  • Become a greater value to your community year after year
Hospital Benchmarks Reports

Our Hospital Benchmarks Reports provide detailed data and graphics showing an individual hospital's performance on the 100 Top Hospitals measures and how that performance compares to peers and the 100 Top Hospitals winners. The National and Cardiovascular Benchmarks Reports give you the tools you need to understand your current status and the progress necessary for improvement.

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Hospital Competitor Comparison Report

See how your organization is performing compared to the key competitors of your choice with the Competitor Comparison Report. The Hospital Competitor Comparison Report includes performance matrices for overall performance and for each 100 Top Hospitals performance measure.

Health System Benchmarks Reports

Our Health System Benchmarks Reports show you how you measure up — across the entire system — to award-winning systems and peers. New report enhancements include the member hospital alignment profile and individual National Benchmarks Reports for each member hospital.

Custom pricing is available for health systems.

Health System Competitor Comparison Report

With this report, you have the ability to see how you performed against your chosen competitors. See how your organization is performing compared to the key health system competitors of your choice. This new Health System Competitor Comparison Report includes matrices for overall performance and for each of the health system performance measures for your system and seven others.

Unlimited Access to All 100 Top Hospitals Reports

The 100 Top Hospitals Unlimited Access program allows your organization to produce reports for any facility, any time. Get a detailed look at all the facilities in your system, or view the reports for competitors in your local market.

The Unlimited Access subscription includes the following reports, for a one-year period:

  • National Benchmarks Reports — for all hospitals included in the study
  • Cardiovascular Benchmarks Reports
  • All other 100 Top Hospitals study results released within 12 months
  • Study abstract publications in PDF format

Pricing for Unlimited Access varies by hospital and health system size.

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